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Aven’s Cyclops Macro Digital Microscope combines ease of use with crystal-clear, superior optics.  This system utilizes a macro zoom lens, providing 3x – 43x magnification, based on a 24″ monitor. Designed with the operator in mind, the Cyclops Macro offers a sophisticated high magnification solution while allowing users to remain in a comfortable posture without the need to repeatedly look through narrow microscope eyepieces. Includes a dual LED pipe light system with brightness control.

No Computer Required

View stunning high-resolution 1080p images at 60 FPS on any HD monitor. Reduce the fatigue associated with frequent microscope use.

Superior Optics

Macro zoom lens with 11-142mm field of view, 3x-43x magnification Provides crystal-clear images directly to your HD monitor

IR Remote Control

Customize The Functionality

  • Control digital zoom and focus
  • Access the settings menu


  • Crystal clear imaging with superior optics
  • up to 43x magnification on a 24″; monitor
  • Easy HDMI plug-and-play
  • Heavy-duty stand with fine-focus adjustment
  • Compatible with any c-mount video lens or microscope port
  • Auto/manual focus
  • Alleviates the eye strain and body fatigue associated with frequent microscope use
  • Ideal for inspecting small components, SMT PCBs, solder points, and more
  • Includes dual LED pipe lights with brightness controls


Cyclops Macro Digital Microscope 26700-420
Magnification3x – 43x *(Based on a 24″ Monitor)
Working Distance20mm – 300mm
Field of View11-142mm
CMOS Sensor2 megapixel
Signal Output1080p HD
Light SourceDual LED pipe lights with brightness control
InterfaceIR Remote control
Power SupplyDC 5V/2A
180cm cable
USB PortFor firmware updates only

Optical Data

Working Distance300mm200mm100mm20mm
Focal Length1215202636121520263612152026361215202636
Field of View (mm)141.51158970.853.598806350.539564737.531242720151210.8
Magnification (x)
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