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Giới thiệu Máy đo 3D CNC Micro vu Vertex 251/ Vertex 311/ Vertex 312

The Vertex Multisensor Measurement Systems implement new technologies to provide speed and accuracy on reliable and affordable measuring machines.

Micro-Vu’s InSpec Metrology Software provides point-and-click simplicity, proprietary edge detection, advanced lighting control and calibration, multi-sensor integration, automated calibrations, and a clear display of measurement data and tolerances.

The systems include our InSpec Metrology Software, a programmable optical zoom, 3x digital zoom, non-linear stage compensation, non-linear optics compensation, advanced LED lighting, machine resident calibrations, and boasts a single USB connection to your workstation computer.

Vertex Overview

Optic Solutions
  • Digital, High Resolution Video, Color (C series)
  • Digital, High Resolution Video, B&W (M series)
  • 36:1 Zoom Range, ~15x-540x (U series)
  • Fast servo drive magnification changes
  • Instant digital magnification changes
Advanced Illumination
  • Lighting – Surface, Profile and Axial
  • Multi-Ring, Multi-Sector Ringlights
  • Lighting angles from 25 to 90 degrees
  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Full control to enhance detected edges
  • Life long LED’s with an approximate 10k hour lifespan
  • Included custom light calibration interface with InSpec
Non-Linear Calibrations
  • Maintain machine measurement accuracy
  • Minimizes factors that cause inaccurate measurements
  • Ensures highest accuracy standards for stage and optics automated procedures
  • Machine resident calibrations

Vertex Specifications

ModelMeasurement CapacityXY AccuracyZ AccuracyScale ResolutionStage CapacityMachine DimensionsStarting Price
Vertex 251250x160x160 mm2.0+L/2502.0+L/2000.1 µm10 kg606x808x1033 mm$36,315 USD
Vertex 311315x315x160 mm2.6+L/1753.0+L/1500.1 µm10 kg718x1084x1029 mm$41,915 USD
Vertex 312315x315x250 mm2.6+L/1753.0+L/1000.1 µm10 kg718x1084x1208 mm$46,015 USD

Accuracy units are microns; length L units are millimeters.
Stage capacity is based on an evenly distributed load.
U.S. price shown for complete measuring system including machine, base, ring light, and InSpec Metrology Software. Specifications and pricing subject to change without notice.

Touch Probe
  • Automated probe calibrations
  • Automatic approach vectoring
  • Automated docking
  • Point and Path data
  • Graphical range display
  • Automated laser calibrations

Rotary Indexer
  • Vertical and horizontal mounting
  • Faceplate and chuck included
  • Automated rotary calibration

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