Máy đo chạm 3D Rational CMS-554C-(Rational CNC Coordinate Measuring System)

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Product brief 
CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine adopts sliding bridge construction, which greatly improves the motion functions. The working table, guide rail and crossbeam as well as Z axis are made of granite and possess of the same temperature and rigidity. The machine is of high stability and reliability through analyzing finite elements and dynamics.
It is mainly used in the field of machinery, electronics, instrument, meter, watch, light industry, plastics as well as measuring chambers, laboratories of institutes and universities, research institutes, metrological verification departments and workshops, etc.
1. Working table made of granite, and sliding bridge construction – Improve motion functions, accuracy and stability of the machine.
2. All guide rails adopt high resolution air bearing, which is prepressing and wearproof.
3. Guide rails of X, Y and Z axes are made of natural granite, which contributes to same temperature of all axes, and rigid and stable instrument.
4. Renishaw is equipped with metal reflective linear scale, enabling X, Y and Z axes to possess the temperature expansion coefficient, and to improve the stability of the instrument.
5. Formidable Coordinate Measuring Machine exclusive software, RationalDIMS, which is user-friendly – A perfect solution for your measurement.
6. Equipped with high efficiency air processing system, which ensures a premium quality of compressed air.

Travel (mm)X50060080010001500
Y500 / 700 / 800600 / 800 / 1000800 / 1000 / 12001000 / 1200 / 15002000
AccuracyMPEE=(3.0+L / 300)μmMPEE=(3.5+L / 200)μm
Resolution:0.5μm    Structure: Sliding bridge    Total power: 500W (excluding PC)
Dimension (m)1.21×1.3/1.5/1.6×2.331.31×1.4/1.6/1.8×2.531.65×1.9/2.1/2.3×2.851.85×2.1/2.3/2.6×3.253.2×3.3×3.9
Weight (kg)980/1120/12001100/1250/14002200/2460/27202600/2880/33009000
Max. load-bearing (kg)500800100015003000
Packing dimension (m)1.3×1.6/1.8/1.9×2.221.4×1.7/1.9/2.1×2.421.9×2.3/2.5/2.7×2.42.4×2.45/2.65/2.95×2.42.5×2.6×1.0
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