Máy đo CMM cũ Zeiss O Inspect 332_ 3D Vina

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Máy loại               Máy đo CMM cũ
Nhà sản xuất       ZEISS
Mô hình               O Inspect 332
Năm sản xuất      2016
Tình trạng            Tuyệt vời ( đang sử dụng)


In the client’s order:

Measuring range: (X; Y; Z) 300 x 300 x 200 mm
Measurement uncertainty: MPE_E = (1.9 + L / 250) μm

Software: Calypso 5.8


• Tactile scanning sensor VAST XXT:
low probing forces, smallest Tastkugel-
diameter, many measuring points by means of
Scanning for shape testing

• Lens ZEISS Discovery:
large, directory-free field of view

• white light sensor.
Allows the measurement to be smaller and more sensitive
Non-contact workpiece surfaces Optically and tactilely, ZEISS O-INSPECT offers premium sensors for top performance. Fully in 3D, without compromise in the software.
The software ZEISS CALYPSO not only provides results in a simple way, it also makes it easier to identify and communicate causes of errors.

• Reference software ZEISS CALYPSO:
Live image and result in a view
3D CAD capability, fits

• integrated pallet receiving system with
Interface to the automatic
temperature measurement

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