Máy đo lường kích thước nhanh Rational VMS-0705S- (Quick Type Video Measuring System)

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  1. Small in size and light in weight.
  2. HD digital video system.
  3. High efficiency, which is suitable for large quantities of inspection.
  4. Auto drawing matching feature, which simplifies operation while doesn’t need positioning tool or fixture.
  5. Identifies multiple workpieces while carrying out measurement.
  6. One-button intelligent measuring system.


Model VMS-0705S
Measuring range Diameter: 80
Max. height 20
Max. measuring error 5 – 8μm
Digital measuring system Processed by measuring software QV200
0.12X fixed lens (total magnification is 7.2X)
Dimension (L×W×H) 230×260×540
Weight (kg) 12