Phần mềm đo lường cho máy đo cmm – Rational DMIS 3d Measurement Software 32 / 64 Bits With CAD Module Graphical Display

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Operation: 100% Graphical Display Construction Function: Bisector, Parallel, Crossing, Vertical, Etc
Supporting 3D Drawing File Format: IGES Standard: DMIS And ISO22093:2003 Standard


Rational DMIS 3D coordinate Measuring Machine Software CAD Module Revo available


Rational-DMIS is an advanced 3D coordinates measuring machine software developed by External-Array Software, Inc. US, it applies to the DMIS and ISO22093:2003 standard, also PTB standard of German, approved by the experts in the industry. Rational-DMIS is compatible to the Renishaw UCC controller with I++ standard and other controlling device and software interface. It is one of the software supporting the highest level of DMIS standard.




32 / 64 bits software.


Offering the latest version software, including the CAD module, supporting varies of scanning device, with powerful function.


100% graphical display, realtime simulation including.


Unique operation interface, mouse click and drag operation, 2 or 3 times mouse click can achieve all the measuring function.


Software learning mode included, instead of the text programming, the process of detecting would teach the users how to measure the objects. The software will record the steps of the teaching operation to the measuring program automatically. Users do not need programming skills or time to detect the error of the measuring program.


Intelligent self-learning measuring, the software will recognize the relating geometrical elements structure, calculate and output all the possible results, instead of manual judging.


Compatible for the CAD data.


Complete geometrical elements measuring function, points, edge points, line, plane, circle, sphere, arc, cylinder, cone, ellipse, keyway, curve, rings, etc.


Powerful geometrical elements construction function, bisector, parallel, crossing, vertical, tangent, projecting, moving, curve fitting, mirror, edge, cone, extreme points, 3 points offset plane, elements switching, multiple points offset plane, elements copying.


Complete, fast geometric tolerance calculating, distance, angle, diameter, radius, roundness, straightness, flatness, point profile tolerance, curve profile tolerance, gradient, verticality, parallelism, symmetry, positional tolerance, concentricity, circular ronont and full ronont, cone angle and width tolerance.


Supporting IGES file building mold and output, reverse engineering supported.


Supporting points group processing, construction, input and output.


Curve measuring module.


Multiple output report.


Optional module: propeller, gear, camshaft, tube, SPC, CCD, laser scanning.


Powerful Application 


Rational DMIS 3d Measurement Software 32 / 64 Bits With CAD Module Graphical Display


Rational DMIS 3d Measurement Software 32 / 64 Bits With CAD Module Graphical Display