Thước đo cao Rational – DHT-350MA – (Rational Height Measuring Instrument)

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Product brief: 
Height Measuring Instrument is a standing digital con-coordinate measuring machine based on precision machinery, modern sensor technique and electronic technology. It is widely used in precision machinery, hardware, plastic, etc.
It can be used to measure the distance between two planes, depth of hole, groove width, and diameter, center distance, maximum and minimum value of hole and groove. In addition, when configured with electronic probe, it is possible to measure verticality.

1. Verticality measurement available (Optional configuration).
2. Built-in air pump with 3 air floatations in pedestal, which makes measurement convenient.
3. Built-in 12V large capacity rechargeable battery pack is able to run for a long time after power failure.
4. Air floatation features with adjusted air flow.
5. Color LCD torch screen menu and full graphic indication.
5. RS232 communication interface, which makes it convenient to output data.


Model DHT-350MA DHT-600MA
Measuring range (mm) 350 600
Max. measuring height (mm) 360 610
Verticality of front (um) (after e-probe is amended) 6 8
Resolution (μm) 0.5
Accuracy (μm) E1=(3+L/300)
Max. Manual speed (mm/s) 500
Measuring force (N) 1.0-2.0
Power supply 12V rechargeable battery pack (running time is 8h plus after recharge completed)
Total height (mm) 695 945
Weight (kg) 22 25
Repeated accuracy plane: 2.0μm. curve: 3.0μm