Universal Gear Measuring Instrument, Universal Gear Tester/ Máy kiểm tra biên dạng bánh răng GRADEY

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As one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers of high precision universal gear measuring instrument, universal gear tester, it is here waiting for your contact.


Module can be measured0.5~8mm0.5~15mm0.5~20mm1~25mm1~25mm
Max. OD can be measured240mm350mm650mm800mm1000mm
Distance between

up and down

Probe vertical   measurement260mm320mm360mm600mm600mm
Spiral Angle range can be measured0~90°0~90°0~90°0~90°0~90°
Max. weight of work-piece can be measured60kg150kg500kg800kg1200kg
Gear, inner gear SWStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
Hob, razor,   slotting tool SWStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
Turbo, worm SWStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
Right cone, curved   tooth SWStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard


The basic configuration of GRADEY type gear measuring center is to measure various shapes of straight helical cylindrical gears, hobbing cutter, shaving cutter, worm wheel, worm, straignt bevel gear, sprial belvel gear, etc. Widely used in automobile, motorcycles,machine tools, instruments and meters, including large shipbuilding, metallurgy, mining, heavy machinery industrial gear, scientific research departments and the precision of the measuring room test.


GRADEY gear measurement center electronics show into the measuring principle, the integration of high precision motion control machine, natural marble base, imported high precision rolling guide, full closed-loop motion control system with dynamic response, high precision micrometer sensors and high-speed data collection and processing system, etc., the host structure is reasonable, good rigidity, high precision, stable value, good appearance.

The basic units of these gear measuring centers are provided with four axis measuring systems, the machine is provided with Japan high performance AC servo motor and high resolution Nano motion’s ceramic servo motor as the drive units, In addition, each axis is equipped with a Renishaw linear measuring system. Thus the measuring accuracy is greatly improved by  the closed-loop control system.

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