Vehicle Power Lithium Battery X Ray Machine X-ray Inspection Machine LX-2D24-100/ Máy x ray Unicomp kiểm tra pin xe đạp

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Product Details:

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Unicomp
Model Number:LX-2D24-100
Detailed Product Description
Working Environment:0~40℃Max.Voltage:100kv
Resolution:110 Lp/cmFocal Spot Size:5um

Vehicle Power Lithium Battery X-ray Inspection Machine LX-2D24-100


1, micro-focus tube, the image is more clear;

2, automatic loading and unloading, more labor;

3, the magnification can be adjusted;

4, easy parameter setting, automatic judgment sorting bad product;

5, user-friendly software interface, easy to get started;

Aftersales service:

Ø A professional service team

Ø Country-wide network

Ø 24/7 hotline

Ø Onsite installation, debugging and training services

Ø Scheduled call & visits

Ø Life-long free software upgrading

Prodcution Capacity

Ø Wuxi Factory: 6000M2

Ø Shenzhen Factory: 9000M2

Ø Chongqing Factory:8500M2

Ø Current Capacity: 300 Sets /Month

Ø Expansion Capacity: 1000 Sets/Month

System ParametersDimension(L×W×H)2200mmX1700mmX1750mm
Working Environment0~40℃
Operating ModeIn-line
X-ray TubeTypeClosed
Focal Spot Size5um
Image DetectorTypeImage Intensifier
Resolution110 Lp/cm
Applied toSpiral Power Lithium Battery
Max.Capacity24PPM(2-point Pattern)/12ppm(4-point)
Operation Ratio≥95%
Applicable SizePole-center distance: 80mm

Cell hight: 60-160
Cell width: 100-150
Cell thickness: 8-15mm
Carrier size:185*165(customized)

ItemsAlignment Metric
Customer CasesCATL/Guoxuan/Yiwei/Yinlong(Zhuhai)
Equipment Features*Applicable to in-line X-ray detection for Power Lithium Battery of Aluminum Shell;

*Auto-shift three inspection modes, automatic docking with production lines, unattended operation;

*Precision positioning and rotating mechanism, adjustable detection angle ensures high-definition image;

*Unicomp-owned R&D of in-line lithium battery inspection software system

Vehicle Power Lithium Battery X Ray Machine X-ray Inspection Machine LX-2D24-100

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