Automated Production Optical Shaft Inspection – Giải pháp tự động hóa sản xuất, kiểm tra chi tiết dạng trục

Jenoptik provides fully automated industrial optical/tactile metrology solutions that make production quality control simpler. The measuring stations of the Opticline CS product range from Jenoptik are specially designed for the demands of turned parts measurement. The systems can be used directly in manufacturing or in the measuring room. They function without problems in the toughest of production environments.

Fitted with various interfaces for statistical process control (SPC) the Opticline CS systems allow extremely efficient monitoring of the manufacturing process, and allow rapid intervention where necessary ensures the production of turned parts at a consistently high quality. The measuring systems are simple to operate, deliver non operator-dependent measurement results, with easy to understand measurement reports with analysis functions where required.

Jenoptik designed the Opticline CA, AMV, and WMS series optical measuring systems specifically for automation. With intelligent hardware and software interfaces, they can be integrated flexibly and seamlessly into automated production processes. The systems deliver high precision and reliable measurement results – even after long-term operation in tough production environments.

The shaft measuring systems have impressive measurement cycle of just seconds for the efficient monitoring of production. The systems come in various designs so that they can be loaded either horizontally or vertically. Special measuring systems are offered for particularly large and heavy shafts.

The measurement and evaluation software offers comprehensive functions with additional options for correction value control, and can be effortlessly integrated in the manufacturing process. The program is easy to understand and simple to operate.

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