Optical In-Line Defect Detection Of Stamped Blanks – Giải pháp kiểm tra ngoại quan, kích thước inline real time

The complex geometries of blanks have meant that until now surface inspections were not conducted in blanking lines. The blanking process poses critical challenges to product quality, specifically the condition of the coils supplied and surface defects that can occur during processing. A new system from ISRA Vision provides the opportunity for automatic surface inspection with intelligent automated quality control during blanking operations.

Sourcing raw coils from various suppliers can result in different quality levels in the materials used for the blanks. The demanding process of blanking itself can also lead to defects (e.g. scratches, rolling marks, scoring) on stamped parts. Without automatic quality control, costly complaints can follow. Up to now, this challenge has usually been addressed through preventive downgrading. However, safeguarding the quality in this manner leads to lost financial results. The challenge for inspection consists of recognizing the shape of the blanks. In the past, the lack of information about the geometry of objects made the detection of surface defects impossible.

With the ISRA Parsytec Blanking Master the system immediately recognizes the shape and any defects through surface inspection. The illumination from two sides, transmission for contour shape recognition and reflection for defect recognition, enables defect detection. It is not necessary to know the shape of the part beforehand; the system recognizes the shapes of each individual object to be inspected, making the technology highly flexible. A preconfigured, while adaptive software reliably detects and classifies all defects, followed by data-based sorting for further processing.

Achieving Maximum Quality with Optical Inspection

A quick and easy installation contributes to a fast ROI. The real-time display of inspection results enables the users to draw direct conclusions on process quality, contributing to sustainable cost reduction and therefore increasing the total yield of production lines. In addition, the detection and classification of errors offer the possibility of eliminating root causes and preventing defects. This results in improved processes even before defects occur, leading to excellent products for high-quality applications.

Blanking Master is particularly suitable for qualifying free-form sheets and therefore, ideally suited for automotive components.

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