Quality Control Of Electrical Plugs With CT – Quản lý chất lượng sản phẩm với công nghệ x ray CT

In the past, computed tomography (CT) was only for physicians. Today, industry has adopted the CT scanning enabling the non-destructive digitizing of parts with internal structures and hidden geometries.

The real-life example from Belden Cekan A/S in Denmark shows how manufacturing companies can benefit from CT part analysis: The company manufactures connectors for IT installations in office buildings, hotels and stadiums. As the company grants a guarantee of up to 25 years on their products, each part must live up to highest quality standards. Outstanding precision is required already in the development phase. When it comes to complex parts, where accuracy is important for the function of the component, Belden Cekan relies on the measurement service provider Zebicon for measuring and validating their products. The company uses the GOM CT  with its very high image resolution. The industrial computer tomograph makes the finest part details visible, determines the positions of the parts’ contacts exactly and locates even the smallest deviations from the nominal precisely.

René Oestergaard (Head of Development at Belden Cekan) sums up the advantages of computed tomography as follows: “It reveals details we wouldn’t have seen without CT scanning. We get a complete documentation of our products with all dimensions – this is a huge advantage”.

In order to achieve a very high detail sharpness during part digitizing, the GOM CT was built of perfectly matching components: The high-resolution 3k X-ray detector (3008 x 2512 pixels) lays the foundation for high-precision part acquisition. The 5-axis kinematics with an integrated centering table makes it easier for the user to optimally position the part in the measuring volume, so that the measurement is always carried out in the best possible resolution. Due to the proven GOM technology and the high inherent rigidity of the system, the measuring results are highly accurate and repeatable.

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