AX8500 SMT / EMS X Ray Machine , Xray Inspection Equipment Closed Tube Type/ Máy x ray Unicomp kiểm tra linh kiện điện tử, bảng mạch, chân chip tròn AX8500

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Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: UNICOMP
Certification: CE, FDA
Model Number: AX8500
Detailed Product Description
Name: Metal X Ray Machine Tube Type: Closed
Voltage/Current: 90kv/200μA Focal Spot Size: 5μm
FPD Detector: FPD X-ray Leakage: < 1uSv/h

AX8500 Metal X Ray Machine for Micro BGA / chip on chop analysis


Item Definition Specs
Motion Control System Motion Control Mode Mouse&Joystick&Keyboard
Max.Load Dimension 500x500mm
Max.Detection Dimension 350x450mm
Tilt Detection Angle 60°
X-Ray System Tube Type Closed
Voltage/Current 100kv/200μA
Focal Spot Size 5μm
FPD Detector FPD
Physical & Image Processing Parameters Length x Width x Height 1250 x 1300 x 1900 mm
Weight 1500 kg
Power 2kW
System Magnification 500 x
Leakage Dose <1μSv/h


Object Stage Control

1. by the spacebar to adjust stage speed: slow, constant and fast speed


2. Keyboard control X, Y, Z three-axis motion and inclined angle


3. The user can control the stage speed and angle programmatically

Basic Radiation Safety.


X-Ray system control functions.


X-Ray image processing software training.


Basic X-ray signature analysis training.


Hands-on sample analysis using your typical samples.


Training certificates for all attendees.


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AX8500 SMT / EMS X Ray Machine , Xray Inspection Equipment Closed Tube Type