In-line Cylindrical Lithium Battery X Ray Machine with Safety oriented design/ Máy x ray Unicomp kiểm tra pin an toàn

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Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Unicomp
Certification: ISO
Model Number: LX-2F40-100
Detailed Product Description
X-ray Tube Type: Closed Max.Voltage: 100kv
Max.Current: 0.2mA Focal Spot Size: 5um
Quantity: 2

In-line Cylindrical Lithium Battery X-ray Detector with Safety-oriented design

The lithium battery X-Ray detection equipment of multiple types and full automation solely-developed by Unicomp Technology is targeted to inspect cells alignment metric and tabs soldering quality . It improves automation as well as gains high-definition internal images by means of X-ray imaging technology . This technology is widely applied to the detection of lithium battery in various types including power , cylindrical , polymer , prismatic and laminated batteries .


System Parameters Dimension(L×W×H) 2900mmX1620mmX1760mm
Weight 3.5t
Working Environment 0~40℃
Power 2KW
Accuracy ±60μm
Operating Mode In-line
X-ray Tube Type Closed
Max.Voltage 100kv
Max.Current 0.2mA
Focal Spot Size 5um
Quantity 2
Image Detector Type Image Intensifier
Resolution 110 Lp/cm
Size 4”
Quantity 2
Applied to Prismatic Battery
Max.Capacity 40ppm
Operation Ratio ≥95%
Applicable Size Width:20-100



Items Tabs Bending , Alignment Metric
Customer Cases Sinowatt/UTL/Panasonic
Equipment Features *High speed to reach the productivity up to 60PPM ;

*Highly universalizable , applied to the detection for prismatic battery of 3*20*30-10*75*100 mm ( T*W*H) ;

*High accuracy up to ±0.06μm (upgrading);

*Modular design with high expansibility , customized automatic battery loading and unloading , automatic docking with production lines , unattended operation ;


Unicomp Technology was incorporated in 2002. It is a national level high-tech enterprise which involved in the R&D and manufacturing of X-ray technology and intelligent detection equipment. Unicomp has become the leading enterprise in domestic X-ray industry. This technology is widely applied in Public Security, Lithium battery, EMS, IC, Semiconductor, Solar Photovoltaic, LED, Connector, Automotive Parts, Wheel, Tires, Pressure vessel industry etc.


Unicomp Technology upholds its Integrity, Deploitation and Excellence in the business, is committed to meeting the highest level of International Standards and promises to be a responsive partner with all of our customers. This philosophy has enabled Unicomp to generated a strong Global customer base of many International Renowned companies including Flextronics, Foxconn, Samsung, Philips, GM, Bosch, Emerson, Delphi,ABB, BYD, ZTE, Panasonic, Sony, Boston Power, BAK, Sunwoda, Guoxuan, Fenghua, Coslight, ManYue, ,ITM, SISP, Taikai, Heli, Exploitpr, Qiya,Timeng,YUNDA Express,UC Express and YTO Express just to name a few.

In-line Cylindrical Lithium Battery X Ray Machine with Safety oriented design