Inline Wheel Hub Casting NDT X Ray Machine Inner Outer Structure Nonconformity Detection UNC160-Y2-D9/ Máy x ray Unicomp inline kiểm tra sản phẩm đúc UNC160-Y2-D9

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Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: UNICOMP
Certification: CE
Model Number: UNC160-Y2-D9
Detailed Product Description
Brand: Unicomp System Resolution Rate: 2.8LP/mm
Tube Voltage: 160KV/225KV Generator Focal Size: 0.5mm/1.0mm
Dimension: 3250mm*1710mm*2450mm(L*W*H) Generator Power: 480W/1800W

Inline Wheel Hub X-ray Inspection inner outer structure nonconformity detection

UNC160-Y2-D9 is our inline X-ray inspection system for alloy wheels. Using our new digital detector array it combines high-speed wheel inspection with outstanding image quality.

Unicomp Technology UNC series offer dynamic lines of imaging systems and services for automotive components that detect defects.

Safety-critical cast component manufacturers utilize x-ray inspection technology to verify casting integrity. Casting defects such as cavities, gas, inclusion, tearing, foreign material, porosity, shrinkage and sponge are found quickly and objectively using x-ray inspection.

The wheel X-ray inspection system can be operated in 2 standard modes: auto mode and manual mode, in manual mode, the operator put the wheel on right position by using the switch, and adjusted the X-ray parameters manually. The system has high inspection speed, high image quality. It is convenient for people to analyze the image and assess the defect.

1. Reliable inspection decisions based on outstanding image quality

2. High-speed wheel inspection of the heaviest wheels with our new gripper manipulator

3. Automatic inspection software for a reliable, objective inspection decision and low pseudo reject numbers

4. Revolving in/out-feed doors for high throughput at maximum up-time and minimum maintenance costs

5. Automatic calibration, eliminating need for frequent program maintenance

6. Full integration into the plant for efficient and comfortable processes

Technical Data


Attribute Respective Value
Sample Dimensions 13’’-22’’ Aluminum alloy wheel hub
Equipment weight 18.65T
System Dimension 3250mm*1710mm*2450mm(L*W*H)
X-ray Tube 160kV/225kV
Power 480W/1800W
Pixel Pitch 139 [m]
Focal size 0.5mm/1.0mm
Cycle Time 45s/pcs(18’’)wheel

Inline Wheel Hub Casting NDT X Ray Machine Inner Outer Structure Nonconformity Detection