Industrial X Ray Imaging System 80kV / 90kV Source With Submicron Focal Spot Size/ Máy x ray Unicomp kiểm tra linh kiện điện tử, bảng mạch, chân chip tròn AX7900

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Product Details:

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:UNICOMP
Certification:CE, FDA
Model Number:AX7900
Detailed Product Description
Name:Unicomp Metal X Ray MachineIntensifier:FPD
Monitor:22 ‘’LCDSystem Magnification:160 X/360X
Max.Loading Size:440mm X 400mmX-ray Leakage:< 1uSv/h

Metal X Ray Machine 80kV / 90kV source with submicron focal spot size


90KV 5μm X-ray tube, FPD Detector.

Multi-function workstation, X-Y multi-axis movement. ±60° “Arc” motion(Option).

Motion controls include: X/Y table motion plus Z axis tube and detector movement, ±60° tilt motion

Multi-function DXI image processing system.

X/Y programming function for multiple image inspection routines

Max. loading area 420mm x 420mm, max. detection area 380 x 380mm, with ~300X System Magnification.

BGA void/area auto-measurement plus report generation.


System ParametersSize1100(L)x1100(W)x1500(H)mm
Power Consumption0.8kW
X-ray TubeTypeClosed
Spot Size5μm/15μm
X-ray SystemIntensifierFPD
Monitor22 ‘’LCD
System Magnification160 X/360X
Detection RegionMax.Loading Size440mm x 400mm
Max.Inspection Area420mm x 380mm
X-ray Leakage<1μSv/h


Flexibility combined in one system

Interactive visualization

Fully automatic X-ray inspection

Low-cost maintenance with open-tube technology

Safe system requiring no special precautions or badges

Small footprint

Product Application

X ray testing equipment pcb x-ray machine system have enabled fabricators of multi-layer PCBs to enhance product quality and control cost. The detection of high-definition video make you find out the joints open, short, voids and other defects at a glance.
X-ray inspection enables users to control cost by eliminating defective board early in the production process.

X-ray inspection system has been widely applied to Circuit Board Inspection, Semi-Conductor Inspection and Other Applications.

1.Semiconductor package

2.Electronic connector module

3.Die Casting





8.Other application(BGA Inspection BGA, Semiconductor, Inspection of over molded electrical connectors, Encapsulated components, Aluminum die castings, Molded plastic components , Ceramics, Aerospace components, Electrical / mechanical components, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive assemblies, Agriculture (Seed inspection)

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