Auto Online X Ray Component Reel Counter High Prescision One Button Operation LX6000/ Máy X ray Unicomp kiểm tra linh kiện điện tử LX6000

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Product Details:

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:UNICOMP
Model Number:LX6000
Detailed Product Description
Dimension:1650*960*1700mmApplication:Electronics, LED , Flip Chip , Semiconductor
Tunnel Size:440mmMax.Current:3.5mA
Maximum Inspection Speed:0.lm/sDetected Project Size:30-450 Thickness Les S Than 50mm

Electronic Components Counting System Production Line X-ray Counter LX6000


Manual component counting requires hours and includes the possibility of miscounts resulting in machine down-time, inaccurate inventory management, and ultimately reduced profit margins. Seamless and flexible automation means more up-time on the assembly line and increased productivity. Component counting using Unicomp X-Ray technology can take only seconds for an entire reel. Increase productivity with the most accurate, fast, and easy to use component counter available.


An inaccurate count is dangerous because other operations rely on the count being correct. The LX6000 count accuracy is >99% for all supported component types. Whether the components are tightly wound or loose on the reel, you can always be sure the count will be correct. In many cases, the accuracy can be 99.99% or even 100%.


• One-button operation, automatic counting

• Specially for incoming inspection and inventor y management

• Compatible of30-450mm tape reel

• Auto matic link with ERP & Shop Floor System

• Shielded cabinet protection to guarantee No leakage of X-ray
• Fast speed and High ac curate Chip counting, reducing labor cost
• No chip damage or lost with non-contact counting
• Counting Speed: 8S/ Reel
• Inspection Accuracy: >99.8%
• Min. Package: 0201


System ParametersDimension1650*960*1700mm
Power Consumption0.8kW
Tunnel Size440mm
X-ray TubeTypeClosed
Spot Size0.4mm
DetectorTypeLine Array Scan
Minimum Imaging Unit Size0.1mm
Detection ParametersMaximum Inspection Speed0.lm/s
Detected Project Size30-450 thickness les s Than 50mm
Type of Smallest Compa tible Component0201
X-ray Leakage<1μSv/h



Auto Online X Ray Component Reel Counter High Prescision One Button Operation

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