Ductile Iron Shrinkage Inclusion X Ray Metal Inspection , Ndt X Ray Equipment UNC450/ Máy x ray Unicomp kiểm tra khuôn, chi tiết đúc, kiểm tra không phát hủy UNC450

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Product Details:

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:UNICOMP
Model Number:UNC450
Detailed Product Description
Application:Iron Casting, Auto Parts, WheelsTube Voltage:450KV
Industry:Industry Nondestructive TestingX-ray Leakage:< 1uSv/h
Frame Rate:9fps(1×1) 30fps(2×2)Power Consumption:9kW

Ductile Iron Shrinkage Inclusion Metal X Ray Machine NDT Detector in Egypt

The excellent image quality of the UNC450 system is based on the interplay of the digital flat-panel detector array with our Unicomp software. The technology provides exceptional detail detection, even though varying material thicknesses, and assists in visually determining the depth of casting flaws.



●High reliable and long life,low breakdown;

●Hign definition and resolution FPD;

●C-arm fixture design enabling five-axis motion detection(optional automatic lift and descend);

●Multi-functional workstation,360°rotation and shift;

●User friendly software design for easy interfacing can facilitate,customized software ;

●Hign penetration,Voltage up to 450KV,Maximum peneration thickness up to 60mm for “Fe”;

●Detection area:Φ500*800mm;

●Loading weight:150KG.


Aluminum castings (engine blocks, cylinders, cylinder heads, pistons, knuckles)

Turbine blades

Wheels and tires

Fiber-reinforced materials


3D printed materials


System ParametersDimensions2423mm*2294mm*2586mm(L*W*H)
Equipment weight18.65T
Maximum penetration(FE)60mm
Detection rangeΦ500*800mm
Load weight150kg
Work environment5-40° ≤80%HR
Install powerThree-phase five wire system AC380V
X-ray leakage dose rate≤2.5uSv/h
X-ray GeneratorTube voltage450kV
Focal size0.4mm/1.0mm
DetectorImage area215mm x 215mm
Detector ( Selection FPD )Image area250mm x 300mm
Pixel matrix1792mm*2176mm
Pixel size139μm
Frame rate9fps(1×1)30fps(2×2)

Ductile Iron Shrinkage Inclusion X Ray Metal Inspection , Ndt X Ray Equipment

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