Kính hiển vi Nikon MM400/ MM800

Measuring Microscopes MM800
Code: MM800
Guarantee: 1 year
Made in: Japan
MM-400/800 series of Measuring Microscopes, which incorporate key performance features expected in an advanced measuring microscope:
– Greater Accuracy
– Digital Imaging and Vision Processing Metrology
– Larger Stage for Increased Workpiece Handling
– Non-Contact Z-height Measurements
– Coordination with Data Processing Systems DP-E1A
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10 Main Bodies available for different applications
For Large Stroke Stage (Max, 300mm x 200mm x 200mm)
MM-800/LM: Motorized Z Axis
MM-800/L: Built-in Z Linear Scale
MM-800: 2-Axis Measurement Model
MM-800/S: For 3rd Party DRO
MM-800/SL: For 3rd Party DRO with Built-in Z Linear Scale

For Smaller Stroke Stage (Max, 150mm x 100mm x 150mm)
MM-400/LM: Motorized Z Axis
MM-400/L: Built-in Z Linear Scale
MM-400: 2-Axis Measurement Model
MM-400/S: For 3rd Party DRO
MM-400/SL: For 3rd Party DRO with Built-in Z Linear Scale

Measuring Microscope Features

MM-400/800 Series

300mm x 200mm Stage

Added body strength enables the use of larger stages, such as the PS12x8C stage, allowing for larger workpieces.


MM Controller Backpack Interface
Illumination, X/Y stage, and Z data can be connected to the MM Controller

as an interface to an external computer running E-Max software for data

processing and system control.







Motorized Z-axis and Microscopic Observation Mode Switchover
High Power Microscopic Model with Universal Epi-Illuminator
These “Universal” models combine a measuring stand with the best of Nikon’s metallurgicalmicroscope components for high resolution imaging and critical measurements. Featuring the full range of Nikon advanced LU objectives and microscopy techniques including: brightfield, darkfield, DIC contrast, polarizing, and epi-fluorescence. Up to five objectives may be mounted on the nosepiece. Moreover, important controls in the microscope-e.g. Z-axismovement, focusing and illumination switchover-have been automated or motorized to streamline imaging operations such as digital image capture, digital field-of-view measurement and data storage.



Semiconductor packages, Bonding placement, Loop height, FPD panel (LCM) MEMS, Wafer level CSP, HDD sliders

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