Máy đo tọa độ Rational 2 chiều tự động VMS-H series (Rational CNC Video Measuring System )

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1. The seft-developed Measuring software has meet various requirements of customers.
2. Auto focusing, auto edge finding, powerful programming, and auto measuring.
3. Adopts subpixel subdivision technique to improve resolving power of boundary.
4. Installed with joystick, which is also able to be programmed by software.
5. SPC data processing system and large quantities of jig measurement.
6. X, Y, Z axes all adopt servo control system – Quick positioning with high precision, and stable operation.
7. Adopts self-developed sophisticated embedded module control system installed within the instrument, which ensures a more stable operation.
8. Programmed constant current drive for surface cold light source in the 5 rings and 8 zones, which is suitable for complicated workpiece.
9. Detects the measured workpiece’s specific location by laser indicator, which is convenient to position and operate.


Working tableMetal table size (mm)450×280500×330606×466
Glass table size (mm)306×196350×250450×350
Travel (mm)220×120270×170370×270
Linear scale resolution0.5μm
Indication errorE1XY=(2.5+L/100)μm (L is the length of the measured object. Unit: mm)
Consistency error of origin in different sectionsE0≤20 (every 100mm displacement in Z axis)
Dimension (mm)760×600×900760×600×900970×670×940
Weight (kg)146168266
Z-axis travel (mm)150 (Can be customized to 300mm)
Accessories1X lens tube (Standard)0.5X  lens tube (Optional)Working distance (mm)
Zoom lens0.7-4.5X0.7-4.5X
Additional lensMagnificationField of view (mm)MagnificationField of view (mm)
0.5X (Optional)10-64X22-3.45-32X44-6.8175
1X (Standard)20-128X11.1-1.710-64X22-3.492
2X (Optional)40-256X5.5-0.920-128X11.1-1.736
Brand PC (Standard),  joystick (Standard)
Video system1/2” color CCD camera. Brand zoom lens (Optional)
Zoom lens magnification: 0.7X~4.5X. Total Magnification: 20~128X (19.5 inches display. Resolution: 1440*900)
Field of view: 11.1mm~1.7m
Power supply: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz. Power: 250W (excluding PC)
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