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(4,40/5) - 144 bình chọn.

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The workpiece is loaded and moved in an X/Y direction and the quantity of the movement is read.

Rotating Table

Used in combination with a stage when rotating a workpiece. These tables are used to rotate the workpiece and align it in the direction to which the stage moves.

Rotating Table Type 3

For use with the PS 4x4B, PS 6x4B stages.

  • Table diameter: 204mm
  • Glass insert diameter: 165mm

Rotating Table Type 4

For use with the PS 12x8C, PS 10x6B, PS 8x6B stages.

  • Table diameter: 282mm
  • Glass insert diameter: 262mm

Digital Printer DPU-414

Prints out XY counter values when connected to the SC-213/212 counters.

Can be used with autocollimators.
When used with the SC-213 counter, either X-Y or Z value can be printed out.

300mm Standard Scale

This scale can gauge the travel precision of a stage up to 300mm.

This comes with both 10mm-step patterns and ordinary calibrations. It employs low expansive glass to curtain the influence from heat.

Accuracy: within 1μm against the corrected value (provided with accuracy table)

Inspection Result Sheet Generation Software Custom Fit QC

Ideal for managing result data that contain maximum/minimum values, widths allowances, standard deviations, process capability indices, lot by lot

  • User’s original result forms can be created in addition to 10 standard forms.
  • BMP and JPEG files can be pasted up on result sheets.
  • Simple switchover between auto report generation and degree/minute/second display.
  • Histograms, X-R management charts, distribution charts are easily generated.

OS: Windows® 7 or Windows® 10 ; Memory space: 512MB or more

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