Solder Reflow Analysis SMT / EMS X Ray Machine , Industrial Inspection Systems AX8200/ Máy x ray Unicomp kiểm tra linh kiện điện tử, bảng mạch, chân chip tròn AX8200

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Product Details:

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:UNICOMP
Certification:CE, FDA
Model Number:AX8200
Detailed Product Description
Name:Unicomp X-ray Inspection MachineApplication:SMT, EMS,BGA, Electronics, CSP , LED , Flip Chip , Semiconductor
Intensifier:4″Image IntensifierMonitor:22″LCD
System Magnification:600xPower Consumption:0.8kW

Metal X Ray Machine Solder reflow analysis for PCB / BGA / LED

X-ray detection technology for the SMT production testing means brought new changes, it can be said that it is the desire to further improve the level of production technology to improve the quality of production, and will soon find the circuit assembly failure as a breakthrough. It’s the best selection for the manufacturer.


System ParametersSize1080(L)x1180(W)x1730(H)mm
Power Consumption0.8kW
X-ray TubeTypeClosed
Spot Size5μm
X-ray SystemIntensifier4″Image Intensifier
System Magnification600x
Detection RegionMax.Loading Size510mm x 420mm
Max.Inspection Area435mm x 385mm
X-ray Leakage< 1uSv/h


Object Stage Control


1. by the space bar to adjust stage speed: slow, constant and fast speed


2. Keyboard control X, Y, Z three-axis motion and inclined angle


3. The user can control the stage speed and angle programmatically


Full Automatic BGA Testing Procedures


1. A simple mouse click programming without the need for operator intervention on the component can detects each BGA automatically.


2. Automatic BGA test, accurately check the bridge, Welding, cold welding and void ratio of BGA.


3. Automatic BGA test repeatable test results in order to process control


4. The test results will be displayed on the screen and can be output to Excel to facilitate review and archiving


Inspection Images:

Solder Reflow Analysis SMT / EMS X Ray Machine , Industrial Inspection Systems

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