Foreign Material Metal Detector X Ray Machine For Casting Defects UNC225π/ Máy x ray Unicomp kiểm tra khuyết tật khuôn, chi tiết đúc UNC225π

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Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: UNICOMP
Certification: CE
Model Number: UNC225π
Detailed Product Description
Load Weight: 300KG Work Environment: 5-40° ≦80﹪HR
Application: Steel Pipes, Aluminum Casting Tube Voltage: 225KV
Brand: Unicomp X-ray Leakage: < 1uSv/h

Casting Defects Foreign Material Metal X Ray Detection Machine in Uzbekistan


Unicomp Technology automated x-ray systems inspect steel or aluminum alloy castings expressly for the automotive industry. The automated radio scopic inspection of aluminum die castings can be performed for an audit-based or production-level scale.


Inspection System for Die Casting, Automotive Components, Defense Components, Cultural Assets and Large Products

Appropriate for medium•large size component inspection and detecting surface structure and defects(inside voids and cracks etc).

Due to high-energy, high-power Micro-focus X-ray Open Tube, maintenance cost’s reduced significantly and enables long-term use with only replacing consumables.

Customization is available with selecting main parts by customers depends on their needs for size and material.



●High reliable and long life,low breakdown

●High definition and resolution FPD

●C-arm fixture design enabling five-axis motion detection(optional automatic lift and descend)

●Multi-functional workstation,360°rotation and shift

●User friendly software design for easy interfacing can facilitate,customized software

●High penetration,Voltage up to 225KV,Maximum penetration thickness up to 25mm for “Fe”

●Detection area:ɸ1200*1200mm

Loading weight: 300KG


System Parameters
Dimensions 3200mm*3873mm*3277mm(L*W*H)
Equipment weight 8.5T
Power 9KW
Maximum penetration(AL) 150mm/25mm
Detection range ɸ1200*1200mm
Load weight 300KG
Work environment 5-40° ≦80﹪HR
Install power three-phase five-wire 380V power supply
X-ray leakage dose rate ≤1μSv/h
X-ray Generator
Tube voltage 225kv
Power 800w/1800w
Focal size 0.4mm/1.0mm
Imaging field φ 215mm
Resolution 2.8 LP/mm
Detector (FPD Optional)
Image area 250mm x 300mm
Pixel matrix 1792 x 2176
Pixel size 139μm
Frame rate 9 fps(1×1)30 fps(2 x 2)


Foreign Material Metal Detector X Ray Machine For Casting Defects