Automatic CMM Touch Scanning Probe, SP25M, REVO/ Đầu đo chạm cho máy CMM tự động SP25M, REVO

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As one of the leading China CMM manufacturers and suppliers, We also provide sp25m, revo touch scanning head. It is here waiting for your contact.


Scanning provides large amounts of data,which can be used to determine the ‘fitness for purpose’ of complex components. Where a number of features form functional fits with other parts, the form or shape of the feature is critical and a scanning sensor is most appropriate.

renishaw sp25 scanning probesp25 scanning probe


MountingRenishaw’s autojoint: PH10M, PH10MQ or PH6 heads
Probe attributes3 axis analogue measurement (X, Y, Z)

Pivoting motion in XY plane with translation in Z

Measurement range±0.5 mm (±0.02 in) deflection in all directions in all   orientations
Overtravel range±X, ±Y = 2.0 mm (0.08 in)

+Z = 1.7 mm (0.07 in)

-Z = 1.2 mm (0.05 in)

Crash protectionX, Y, -Z via break-off of either module or stylus holder

+Z via integral bump-stop design

Power supply+12 V (±5%), -12 V (+10% / -8%),

+5 V (+10% / +13%) DC at probe

Probe calibrationSP25M requires a non-linear, third-order polynomial   calibration method


REVO® is a revolutionary measuring head and multisensor probe system. Every process and feature in a REVO® system has been designed to enable users to achieve previously unobtainable levels of inspection.

REVO Probe


a. Measure faster: up to 50 times faster surface speed than 3-axis scanning

b. Measure more points: 4000 points per second acquisition rate

c. Measure more features: infinite positioning for unparalleled flexibility

d. Measure surface finish: passive C-axis rotation for maximised feature access

e. Measure more accurately: with the REVO® tip-sensing probe

revo probe configuration

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