One-Button Fast Measuring,One-Button Video Measuring Tool/ Máy đo nhanh 1 chạm Nano

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As one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers of high precision one-button fast measuring, it is here waiting for your contact.


One-button fast measuring(Flash) series can quickly detect, without requirements of mechanical movement, positions of work-piece. With high-resolution CCD series and the depth of field lens module. Match the special measurement software. Can measure hundreds of size of products in a few seconds, can greatly shorten homework time.

Product Features:

1. Without fixture, can replace the traditional 2d projector. Press a button, quickly complete the measurement.

2. Automatic identification, batch measuring in more sizes and more targets.

3. Intelligent application, the operation is simple to realize multi-function rapid measurement.

4. Fully customized to meet the various horizons and accuracy requirement.

5. Automatic data storage, and report generation, timely grasp the process, help to quality control. Appearance of small size, suitable for production line.

Technical Parameters:

Image Capture 2/3’’ 5 mega-pixel camera CCD
Display Size 22寸
Lighting system Ring Light White LED
Back light White LED
Z axis rise and fall 70mm
Optical lenses Double telecentric lens
Field of view 80×100mm
Max. Loading 3kg
Repeatability 2μm
Accuracy ±5μm
Dimensions 250(W)×380(D)×632(H)mm
Weight 20kg
Power supply Voltage 200-240v  50-60HZ
Power Bellow 100
Working condition Temp. Range 10-35℃
Humidity range 20%-70%RH
Computer Configuration Optiple×9020:Intel i3-3340 Memory:4GB DDR3 RAM,250GB Hard disk,

22’’DELL Uitrasharp U2212HM Display,windows Operating System

and Smart Quick Special measuring software.