Cylindricity Measuring Instrument, Cylindrical Detection/ Máy đo độ tròn, đồng tâm

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As one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers of high precision cylindricity measuring instrument, cylindrical detection, it is here waiting for your contact.

Leadsy series of cylindricity measuring machines are mainly used for measurement of the revolving body workpieces whose various surfaces are regular or irregular, continuous or intermittent,such as their roundness, cylindricity, linearity, concentricity, coaxiality, flatness, parallelism, perpendicularity,surfaces waviness and so on. Additionally,spectral analysis,wave height analysis, shafts’curvature analysis and jump range analysis can be conducted on the machine.
1. The structure of aerostatic bearing is used on the high precision rotary measurment platform,which can’t make the main spindle of the machine affected by wear,so its service life will be extended.
2. As for data acquisition,the precise circular grating imported from the company of HEIDENHAIN in Germany as well as concerning technique,is realized.
3. The machine is configured with various specification and length of ruby probes.Furthermore,the special probes and fixtures can be designed according to the customer’s needs.
4. The machine has powerful analysis function,such as linearity, cylindricity, flatness, parallelism, coaxiality,concentricity,waviness and wave height analysis.It can analyze the frequency spectrum of the part’s surface state and finally and wave amplitude can be offered.

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