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Micro is new-generated CNC CMM with a mature and word-class technology under mass production at NANO. It is configured with the world famous high-quality specific 3D CMM control system, the world highest level Rational DMIS software and steel wire rope transmission which is our patent. The large type widely used to measure the large work-pieces such as motor parts and aerospace parts.


Items Micro121510 Micro122010 Micro152112
Measuring   Range 1200*1500*1000 1200*2000*1000 1500*2100*1200
MPEe 3.5+3.3L/1000 3.8+3.3L/1000 4.2+3.3L/1000
MPEp 3.5 3.8 4.2
Dimensions(mm) 2477*3100*3664 2477*3600*3664 2777*3700*4034
Max.   Loading(kg) 1800 1900 1900
Weight 5400 7500                   8000
Main Box   Size 3480*2527*2756 3980*2527*2756        4808*2827*2875
Main Box   Weight 5525 7625 8105
Accessory   Box Size 2130*966*1358 2130*966*1358 2130*966*1358
Accessory   Box Weight 500 500 500
Moving   Speed 800 800 800
Accelerated   Speed 1800 1800 1800

Probe Choices:

Contact Type
MH20I(Manual) PH10T
MH20I Probe Head PH10T Probe Head
PH20 PH10M
PH20 Probe Head PH10M Probe Head
Scanning Type
SP25(Contact scanning) Laser scanning
SP25 Laser Scanning


IMG_6337_副本.jpg  practical measuring machine

Environment Needed:(More details)

Temperature 20+2℃  1℃/h   1℃/m  2℃/24h
Humidity 40%-70%
Power Supply 220V+10%,   50HZ-60HZ
Air Supply ≥0.55Mpa

Appearance Options:

According to the different preferences, we put forward two options of the machine apperence. Of course, we can also change the color of the end-cover of the machine according to the consumers’ requirements.

NO.1 NO.2
Micro Series CMM MICROok_副本.png