Measurement Type Coordinate Measuring Machine with the highest accuracy 0.65+2.0L/1000/ Máy đo CMM độ chính xác cực cao Surmin

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Items Surmin575 Surmin7106 Surmin9128
Measuring   Range 500*700*500 700*1000*600 900*1200*800
MPEe 0.65+2.0L/1000 0.8+2.0L/1000 1.2+2.0L/1000
MPEp 0.65 0.8 1.2
Dimension(mm) 1690*2220*2666 1890*2520*2866 2090*2720*3266
Max.   Loading(kg) 900 1000 1300
Weight(kg) 2850 3100                        3900
Main Box   Size 2220*1860*2045 2520*2060*2145              2720*2260*2345
Main Box   Weight 3120 3380 4200
Accessory   Box Size 2936*1716*1048 2936*1716*1048 2936*1716*1048
Accessory   Box Weight 420 450 500
Moving   Speed 800 800 800
Accelerated   Speed 1800 1800 1800


1. Using ANSYS finite element algorithm of three axis recent guide rail, precision design optimization, rectangular beams and closed frame structure design of the X axis and Z axis is using all sides surrounded by static pressure type air bearing structure and organ type dust proof design and technical characteristics, the whole machine of the application of new materials and NANO technology patent new technology and structure;

2. The mechanical overall structure adopts strong rigidity, light weight and close frame movable bridge structure, which is simple, compact and has strong loaded capacity and good moving performance.

3. Y-axis guide-way adopts dove tail type, which has high precision and good stability.

4.Drive system adopts unique patent (Patent NO. ZL 2014 2 0529248.2) wire transmission, which Guarantee the drive’s fastness, precision and perfect movement.

5. Z axis adopts ceramic material, high strength sintered ceramic material with high strength, high surface finish

6.Three axis’ adoption of quiescent air pressure air-bearing guide way, comprised of air bearings which are self-cleaning, pre-loading and high precision.

7. Using imported RTLC + TONIC combination as a length measurement datum, the standard of 50 nm ultra-high resolution to provide reliable measurement benchmark.

8.Transmission adopt international famous brand AMETEK PITTMAN, M series as the DC servo motor speed loop drive unit.

9. Software provides a powerful platform to develop and run test procedure.

10. Triaxial guide work adopts RENISHAW six linear compensation unit and two work-piece compensation unit, ensure the accuracy and reliability of real-time compensation, greatly reduces the limitations of measuring the required environment;

Probe Choices:

PH10M Probe Head SP25 REVO


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