Máy đo CMM kết hợp với máy đo quang 2D, 3D thành 1 máy/ Multi-Sensor Coordinate Measuring Machine, Compound Coordinate Measuring Machine

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As one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers of high precision multisensor coordinate measuring machine, it is here waiting for your contact.

This kind of measuring machine has not only all of the functions of NANO CMM but can realize CCD functions through optical system.

Optical system:

1 Light source 4 partitions ring surface of the LED light source
2 Objective lens Manual zoom lens German
3 CCD 1/2″CCD Camera America TEO
4 Bottom light source 300X400

CCD optical measuring:RationalDMIS

1.CCD optical probe test

2.CCD optical measuring function:

a. Image analysis system,auto-focusing, automated tool,CV, Boundary point tool, auxiliary point tool, line tool, circle measurement tools, arc measurement  tools, key way measuring tool, polygon tool.



b. According to the shape,choosing many measuring tools at the same time to realize compound measurement

c. Optical probe measurement data will be consistent with the trigger probe coordinate system automatically during measuring to realize compound test.

multisensor CMM     Optical probe