Gantry Video Measuring Machine, Large Optical Measuring Machine/ Máy đo 2D, 3D dạng cầu có độ chính xác cao

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As one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers of high precision gantry video measuring machine, large optical measuring machine, it is here waiting for your contact.


Gantry video measuring machine (Super) series mainly for large stroke, high precision measurement, which is widely used in PCB, TFT, large sheet metal parts. Efficient, full functions, intelligent.


Product Features:

1. Will use the marble bridge type structure, equipment operation without moving work piece, so as to ensure the measuring accuracy and stability.

2. Marble base, high stability and thermal stability.

3. All mouse, handle operation, easy to learn and easy to use.

4. Has points shooting and high precision focus two modes, and is suitable for high precision.

5. Three axis AC servo motor full closed loop control.

6. High precision linear slide rail with preloading ball screw drive, ensure the accuracy of the equipment running.

7. Use SONY high-resolution CCD, guarantee the high quality of testing images.

Technical Parameters:

TYPE Super222 Super332 Super553 Super883 Super1012 Super1215 Super1518
Measuring Range 200*200*200 300*300*200 500*500*250 800*800*250 1000*1200*250 1200*1500*250 1500*1800*250
Accuracy Ex,y=±2.0+4L/1000μm Ex,y=±3.0+4L/1000μm Ex,y=±






Lens type Automatically change times
Multiple 25X-200X
Max. Speed X,Y=360mm/s,Z=220mm/s
CCD DE 1/2 high-resolution color CCD system
Lighting system White leds coaxial contour light, 7 to 14 ring light
Software Smart Pro
Driving System Four axis program control: three axis AC servo motor full closed loop control, high precision linear slide rail, and preloading ball screw drive, coaxial control of the Zoom lens group.
Power 220V50-60HZ  Electricity current>10A
Power 1500W-2000W
Conditions Temperature :2 degree/24H,1degree/1m,Humidity:40%-70%
Loading 40kg

More Details:

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