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All Types of Mitutoyo Micrometers

The technically advanced metrology tools from Mitutoyo include a full scope of durable inside, outside, depth, and specialized micrometers that cover virtually every application. You’ll find Mitutoyo digital micrometers available with data output, a constant measuring force for stability, and the IP65 level protection required in the workshop environment.

MDH Micrometer (Series 293) – Feel confident using a high accuracy Digimatic Micrometer that features an ABS rotary sensor and an innovative heat shield to reduce errors caused by body heat.

Outside Micrometers (Series 103) – You’ll measure outside diameters precisely with a vernier-scale micrometer. Also benefit from the repeatability and precision of a ratchet stop. Hard-wearing materials include tough finishes on frames, thimbles and sleeves.

QuantuMike Micrometers – Depend on reliable ABS technology and the repeatability of the ratchet thimble mechanism. Perform faster measurements with a 2mm per revolution specification!

Spline Micrometer (331 Series) – Measure splined shafts, slots, and keyways with a small-diameter anvil and spindle design. Rely on the ratchet stop for constant force.

Holtest Internal Micrometers (368 Series) – Obtain accurate measurements near the bottom of the blind bore. A Holtest Instrument features three steel contact points, built for impact resistance.

Thickness Gauges for Manufacturing Applications

Mitutoyo digital thickness gages supply the ranges and resolutions that engineers and technicians require. The accurate instruments support process control solutions by providing inspection efficiency and options for SPC output. From the grip handles to the spring-loaded spindles, they cater to the operator. The 547 series of thickness gages deliver:

    • A variety of spindle and anvil measurement faces for application versatility.
    • ID-C and ID-S Series Digimatic Indicators that deliver error-free, LCD readings.
    • Material measurement flexibility – with one model you can measure the thickness of paper, film, wire, and other materials.

At Transcat, we also distribute Mitutoyo thickness gages with tapered leaves. Every leaf represents a metric thickness, and collectively they offer a flexible measurement range.

Absolute Caliper and Indicator Assurance

Why not use a caliper that’s ready to start measuring when you are? The Series 500 Absolute Digimatic Calipers offer breakthrough technology that allows each instrument to track its set origin point. If you need calipers that boast smooth slider movement and protection from over-speed errors, this series is for you. Compact Digimatic Indicators are also available from Mitutoyo with absolute encoder functionality, error protection and easy-to-read LCDs.

Advanced Instruments with Expert Support

Browse our standard to advanced Mitutoyo instrumentation now to experience real reliability. Also see our Deals section for special offers on top tools. If you have questions, be sure to click the Chat button to the right, or call 0976. 210. 593

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