Máy đo CMM Coord3 giá rẻ – Low Cost Coordinate Measuring Machine

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The COORD3 BENCHMARK CMM offers a high performance budget CMM with the added benefit of small footprint; its unique half-gantry bridge design has X and Y axis at the same level providing increased rigidity and offering an outstanding metrology platform for high accuracy small and medium part inspection. 0.1 micron X and Y measuring scales being at the same working height offers an improved thermal reaction when operating in less than perfect temperatures.

The open structure BENCHMARK provides outstanding ergonomics and is ideal for the inspection of high volume production parts or single part inspection in the smaller manufacturing operations; its compact size is ideal for quality room or production CMM applications.

The full air-bearing BENCHMARK CMM with accuracy of just 2.5 microns comes standard with Renishaw touch-probe and can be supplied with a motorized probe head for fully automated inspection applications.

Metrology Power with Simplicity

The BENCHMARK CMM comes equipped with TouchDMIS the game changing metrology software for CMM usability, offering the world’s first all TOUCH CMM software and with full CAD capability. TouchDMIS requires just a few hours of training and an incredibility short learning curve. TouchDMIS takes the expert out of CMM measuring and programming.

BENCHMARK is available in manual or CNC configurations. Manual units can be upgraded to full CNC in the field at a later date offering a two-phase investment in CMM technology.

The 5.4.4 BENCHMARK model CMM fits through a standard width door. BENCHMARK CMM models have measuring volumes of:

BENCHMARK 5.4.4: 500mm x 400mm x 440mm

BENCHMARK 6.5.4: 600mm x 500mm x 440mm

Features & Benefits

  • Ultra rigid advanced alloy CMM platform provides maximum stiffness.
  • Rapid thermal diffusion by advanced alloy CMM frame when temperature conditions change
  • FEA designed provides optimum moment of inertia and minimum deflection at high accelerations
  • One piece granite base plate with M8 threaded table inserts in generous grid pattern
  • Rigid air bearings to all axes with wide bearing spread ratios
  • Pneumatic Z axis counter balance
  • 0.1 micron resolution measuring scales with dynamic signal processing
  • Full digital motion control with probe path blending for optimized CMM performance
  • Zero hysteresis friction drives to all axes
  • Passive vibration damping system isolates external vibrations
  • Open access to CMM measuring area
  • Maximum Positioning Speed 517mm/sec
  • Maximum Acceleration 1730mm/sec²
  • Optional CMM Touch Station for enhanced user ergonomics
  • Optional wireless thermal compensation for shop applications
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