Máy đo CMM Coord3 loại đế lớn đến 2m – Large Bridge CMM Machines

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The COORD3 KRONOS large measuring volume bridge DCC air bearing bridge configuration CMM offer advanced measuring platforms with integral dovetail Y axis machined directly into the granite plate providing the ultimate in stable metrology performance. A COORD3 KRONOS CMM can be equipped with Renishaw touch or scanning probes and are suitable for all applicable manufacturing measuring applications. Available in CMM bridge widths of 1500 and 2000mm the KRONOS bridge range offers a comprehensive series of large CMM models sizes to accommodate your specific measurement requirement.

The KRONOS Bridge CMM is available in two performance levels – Standard and NT High Performance models.

The NT model has a silicon carbide Z axis column increasing the overall stiffness of the measuring platform and providing an outstanding CMM system for high accuracy metrology applications utilizing the full range of Renishaw scanning technologies.

Uniquely KRONOS Bridge CMMs are available with a 2000mm X axis and up to 8000mm in length making them ideal for the inspection of large parts including high accuracy aerospace components where the use of a Gantry CMM is not practicable due to its foundation requirements. Unlike competitors large measuring volume systems a large KRONOS CMM retains its open access for part loading, are supplied with one piece granite table and have a measuring accuracy of just 3.5 micron.


  • Nominal Temperature 20 °C
  • Allowable Temperature Range: 18 – 22 °C (Extended Range 16 – 26 °C)
  • Temperature Gradient: 0.5° C/hour – 2° C/day – 0.5° C/meter (Extended Range 5° C/day – 1.0° C/meter)
  • Operating Temperature Range: 15 – 35 °C
  • Relative Humidity 40 – 80% (non condensing)
  • Acceptable Vibrations: 30mm/ sec2 1-10Hz | 15mm/ sec2 10-20Hz | 50mm/ sec² 20-100Hz


  • Minimum Air Supply 6 Bar – 87PSI
  • Air Consumption 160Nl/min
  • Power Supply Voltage 230v 50Hz or 110v 60Hz (+/- 2% single phase)
  • Maximum Power Consumption 10A 1200W (1600W on larger models)

Performance Data

  • All COORD3 CMM products are evaluated for accuracy using the ISO10360 standard.
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