Máy đo quang bàn bán tự động Rational VMS-5040M – (Floor Type Semi-Automatic Video Measuring System)

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1. Ergonomic design makes it convenient to operate.
2. One-button working table – Easy to operate.
3. Z-axis is available in 3 focusing modes.
4. Auto zoom feature (optional configuration), which is able to effectively measure the object with multi-magnification while doesn’t need to calibrate pixels.
5. Adopts passive vibration isolation apparatus, which improves an instrument’s stability in the aspect of precision
6. elf-developed measuring software QMS3D-M and imported HD 1/2” color camera.
7. Detects the measured workpiece’s specific location by laser indicator, which is suitable for complicated workpiece.
8. Height aided measurement available.
9. Linear scale resolution: 0.5um
10. Foot-switch matched with measuring software, which makes operation easier.


Working tableMetal table size (mm)786×636
Glass table size (mm)570×470
Travel (mm)470×370
Linear scale resolution0.5μm
Indication errorE1XY=(2.5+L/75)μm
Video system1/2” color CCD camera
0.7~4.5× zoom lens. Total magnification: 20~128×(19.5 inches display. Resolution: 1440*900)
Field of view: 11.1mm~1.7mm
Power supply: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz. Power: 1800W (excluding PC)
Dimension (L×W×H)1200×1270×1870
Z-axis travel(mm)200 (Can be customized to 400mm)
Weight (kg)850
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