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Image Measurement Function

The Measurements menu is mainly used for the image measurement application. With this menu items, you can measure the image with many geometrical shape at ease. ToupView use Layer technique to perform the measurement operations. This will never pollute the image pixels. The Measurements menus and its submenus are shown below.

Apply Measurements to Live Images

Measure distances, angles and more on video or image.

Classify Measurements

Use different colors, shapes, and custom names to classify and organize your measurement data.

Line Profile Measurements

Use the Line Profile tool to measure pixel intensity along a line. Measure from peak to peak, origin to peak, peak to valley, and more.

Export to Image

Export all the layers’ Measurement Objects to the image, this will pollute the image and cannot be recovered anymore.

Export to Microsoft Excel

Export the image plus all the Objects on the Current Layer to the Excel file for further analysis.
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