Soft Packing Lithium Ion Battery X ray Inspection Equipment LX-1R30-100/ Máy x ray Unicomp kiểm tra pin vỏ mềm

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Product Details:

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Unicomp
Model Number:LX-1R30-100
Detailed Product Description
Resolution:110 Lp/cmFocal Spot Size:5um

Soft Packing Lithium Ion Battery X-ray Inspection Equipment LX-1R30-100

1.Automatic detection

High automation, automatic loading,detection, sorting qualified/NG products.

2.High efficiency

The machine is suitable for batch inspection with cam indexers controlling eight degrees turntable running in high speed and two sets of imaging system.

3.Images and data real-time online display

Test data and images of many parts of the same battery is shown in the same software interface, convenient observation recognition.

4.Quick changing model

Only replace jig if changing test products.

5.Safety protection
The whole equipment safety interlock, triple protection function, any part of the fuselage surface radiation meet safety standards.

Aftersales service:

Ø A professional service team

Ø Country-wide network

Ø 24/7 hotline

Ø Onsite installation, debugging and training services

Ø Scheduled call & visits

Ø Life-long free software upgrading

Prodcution Capacity

Ø Wuxi Factory: 6000M2

Ø Shenzhen Factory: 9000M2

Ø Chongqing Factory:8500M2

Ø Current Capacity: 300 Sets /Month

Ø Expansion Capacity: 1000 Sets/Month

Company Introduction:

15 years focused on X-ray technology R & D and equipment mfg.

A national Hi-tech enterprise with international vision

3 modern R & D and manufacturing factories, 2 software companies

240 patents & 30 software copyright

300 professional R & D engineers, sales and service staff

Company certified by ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 system

Products complied with CE, FDA and passed Chinese MPS testing

Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center

Provincial science and technology award

Monthly production capacity up to 500 sets

System ParametersDimension(L×W×H)5700mmX2500mmX1800mm
Working Environment0~40℃
Operating ModeIn-line
X-ray TubeTypeClosed
Focal Spot Size5um
Image DetectorTypeImage Intensifier
Resolution110 Lp/cm
Applied toPolymer Lithium Battery
Max.Capacity30ppm(2-poin Pattern)/15ppm(4-point)
Operation Ratio≥95%
Applicable SizeWidth:35-120



Total length:70-210

ItemsAlignment Metric
Customer CasesHighpower/EBTEB/Bike
Equipment Features*100KV closed X-ray tube, high -resolution intensifier ;

*High speed, high stability ;

*Modular design with high expansibility, customized automatic battery loading and unloading

*Automatic docking with production lines, unattended operation;

*Unicomp-owned R&D of in-line lithium battery inspection software system

Soft Packing Lithium Ion Battery X ray Inspection Equipment LX-1R30-100

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